Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Sing me to sleep

So I saw Perks Of Being A Wallflower this weekend, and it was amazing.
I am so glad Stephen Chbosky directed it, because he did soooooo well with sticking to his book.
Let me start by saying that Ezra Miller was fantastic. He totally got into the character of Patrick, and he is just over all an amazing actor. He did add comic relief to the movie, but the writers also made sure that Patrick's character did not just become a comic sideshow. He had so much depth and it was amazing to see this translated to the screen.

I loved Emma Watson as Sam, and although her accent did slip at times, she made up for it in her acting. She would have been my first choice for this part, and I was so happy to see her up there as Sam. I mean, Emma Watson. I love Emma Watson.

Logan Lerman though, asdisldkgifd amazing amazing amazing. I didn't have high expectations for him because of Percy Jackson and the Olympians (I mean, maybe he was an amazing actor in that as well, but I couldn't tell because I was too busy getting pissed off over how terrible the book-to-movie thing was (seriously, that movie was pathetic if you read the book)) but he had me not wanting to blink because I was afraid I would miss it. He was perfect for this role, actually.

And also, SOOO GLAD they used Heroes by David Bowie as the tunnel song. WORDS CANNOT EXPRESS HOW HAPPY I WAS WHEN THAT SONG STARTED PLAYING IN THE MOVIE THEATER. I actually pictured that song in this movie when I read the book, and it really fits it soooo well. And then when I heard a fragment of "Teenage Riot" in the movie, I was all "Sonic Yooouuutthhh" and my friends were all "what is that".
Also, the fact that they saved one of the saddest parts for the end resulted in the lights coming back on and me curled up in a ball in my seat in a sniffling mess.
But yeah, go see this movie because it was actually fantastic.

Oh and also, Happy birthday John Lennon. We miss you. (#I'vebeencelebratingalldaynolie #yolo #thisisnttwitterwhatamidoing)


  1. I want to see that movie so badly! And read the book too. Gah so many things I must do
    Also your newest follower because your blog is pretty damn cool x

    1. Thank you so much!! xx :)
      You should totally go see it! Although you should probably read the book first (because then you'll be really happy about how close they stayed to it!) :)