Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday! Er, I mean, Thanksgiving!

 Yeah, everything is thrifted here haha...
 I got this dress over the summer, and it didn't really look much like anything on the hanger, but I HAD FAITH and when I put it on it fit perfectly and looked so 30s/40s movie star that I couldn't pass it up. I also got this fur coat and the hat from a thrift store as well.
 sweater: Land's End, scarf: mom's, skirt: Boden

I love this sweater to death, it looks like something a doll would wear.

I haven't posted anything here in a while, so here is an outfit from a while back that I never got the chance to upload.

 All is thrifted, except for the collar, shoes, and the plastic gem on my forehead >.<
 I found these glittery(!) bat stickers, and as I picked them up out of the craft bin they called to me, "put us on a detatchable collar!)

I also bought some new stuff recently...
 I got this gorgeous dress on etsy for $20 , and it was a little big, so I hemmed it about an inch. The pattern is just amazing though, I can't wait to find something I can wear it with!
 This jacket is supposedly leather, but I doubt it.
My mom picked me up this when she went to the Salvation army (Who am I kidding, everything I own is thrifted or sewn by me, maybe I should change my blog title to Thrift Queen...)

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, even though it's a totally ignorant holiday made for people to eat food and forget about the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans! Also, I hope you didn't get trampled by crazy shoppers on Black Friday! (I stayed inside all day because it's just too crazy)

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

yeah, too lazy for title

I went to see the premier of David Turnley's movie Shenandoah this weekend, and it was amazing and awesome and sad but good.
 I met Wallace Shawn!!! From the Princess Bride!!! Inconceivable!!!!

I made my detatchable collar, shirt is from etsy and jacket is from Salvation Army

Monday, November 12, 2012

Another Lost Angel

  1. Old Man- Neil Young
  2. Le Temps de l'Amour - Francoise Hardy
  3. Ride- Lana Del Rey
  4. The Lion's Roar - First Aid Kit
  5. The Last Time I Saw Richard - Joni Mitchell
  6. Sparks - The Who
  7. Black Crow - Joni Mitchell
  8. Girl - The Beatles
  9. Unravel -Bjork
  10. A Poem On The Underground Wall - Simon & Garfunkel

Saturday, November 10, 2012

November Vibez

My november vibes have so far been mostly washed-out (in a good way), grayish colors, sweaters and wool things, pleated skirts and lacey dresses.

The Village (I don't care what anyone says, I love this movie to death (plus the soundtrack is perfect))

Jane Eyre (2011)

The Shining

Alison Scarpulla photography

1800s New York

Tuesday, November 6, 2012



So anyway, a lot happened in the week I had no power!

I went to Rocky Horror (ASDFGSF AMAZING) dressed as Frank-n-furter and my friend went as Columbia.

 Funny facez
 A woman came up on stage and read trivia questions and gave out prizes.
My super intense makeuping

It was soooo much fun and I really want to do it again, like, a bajillion times.

On Halloween we drove about 45 minutes away to a town that had a Thriller flash-mob and a lot of candy. I dressed up as Ziggy Stardust (yes) and ran around throwing glitter and spraying silly string on stop signs (so many "s" words)

 Family portrait (same friend from Rocky Horror in this shot)
The shirt I got on Etsy, the jacket is a hand-me-down from the friend dressed as a witch, pants are thrifted, shoes are my mom's, and earrings are from the Party Depot.

                                            "OH HAI"

It was pretty frickin sweet, in the words of Napoleon Dynamite.

The rest of the week, I sat around with my friend Sophie, watching the shining and obsessing over George Harrison, which happens pretty much every time we hang out together.

And that's all! I'm SO GLAD to have power back....