Sunday, November 25, 2012

Black Friday! Er, I mean, Thanksgiving!

 Yeah, everything is thrifted here haha...
 I got this dress over the summer, and it didn't really look much like anything on the hanger, but I HAD FAITH and when I put it on it fit perfectly and looked so 30s/40s movie star that I couldn't pass it up. I also got this fur coat and the hat from a thrift store as well.
 sweater: Land's End, scarf: mom's, skirt: Boden

I love this sweater to death, it looks like something a doll would wear.

I haven't posted anything here in a while, so here is an outfit from a while back that I never got the chance to upload.

 All is thrifted, except for the collar, shoes, and the plastic gem on my forehead >.<
 I found these glittery(!) bat stickers, and as I picked them up out of the craft bin they called to me, "put us on a detatchable collar!)

I also bought some new stuff recently...
 I got this gorgeous dress on etsy for $20 , and it was a little big, so I hemmed it about an inch. The pattern is just amazing though, I can't wait to find something I can wear it with!
 This jacket is supposedly leather, but I doubt it.
My mom picked me up this when she went to the Salvation army (Who am I kidding, everything I own is thrifted or sewn by me, maybe I should change my blog title to Thrift Queen...)

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving, even though it's a totally ignorant holiday made for people to eat food and forget about the slaughter of thousands of Native Americans! Also, I hope you didn't get trampled by crazy shoppers on Black Friday! (I stayed inside all day because it's just too crazy)


  1. I love both of these looks and the items you purchased! Yes to everything! x

    <3 Melissa

  2. Love the outfits and clothes that you got!!

  3. ok. YOUR OUTFITS ARE SO COOL. I love the flowered dress, and your sweater is AWESOME!