Sunday, September 16, 2012

Talkin' about the midnight gambler the one you never seen before

Today I dressed like a member of the Rolling Stones.

 We went to Woodstock today, and on the way there was this old abandoned house that looked really awesome and photo-worthy. There were no "No Trespassing" signs, and we probably weren't supposed to be there, but we went anyway CUZ WE CAN'T B TAMED!!!1!1
Also, the front door was unlocked, which was a bit weird.
 The shirt and the jacket are from the Salvation Army, the pants are from the Gap, the glasses are actually prescription and from Zeni Optical, and the shoes are thrifted.
 My sister found this jacket at the same time I found this shirt, and we were just showing them to each other when I had a GENIUS moment, stuck the two together and BAM! this outfit was born.

 There was this big peace sign as we got closer to Woodstock, which made it all feel even cooler.
 We stopped in this town called Liberty, which was sort of sketchy yet incredibly awesome at the same time. There was this store that had a sign out front for typewriter sales and repairs, and I looked through the window to see the date on the calendar to make sure it wasn't 1975.

 Awesome boxing place. I was sort of worried that big-muscled boxing champs would come down the stairs and beat me up for being such a skinny tourist noob.
People gave me funny looks at the Woodstock museum. I guess it was because I looked like I was part of the museum.
Life is tough when you're born in the wrong time period.
I got all these awesome 16 magazines from 1966-67, and there is a lot of Beatles stuff in them. On the back of one there is this origami cut-out Christmas ornament with Paul McCartney's face on it. 

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  1. OMG The glasses that died! How I miss them! The one thing I couldn't fix....
    R.I.P. the Ozzy glasses.